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Andrés Felipe Carvajal Gomez holds a degree in social anthropology (BA) from the Universityandresprofilevc of Kent(United Kingdom),and has specialised in visual anthropology at the universities of Kent and Mainz (Germany). Prior to becoming involved in the research on the Comorian diaspora in France in 2010, he had carried out audiovisual research in Tanzania (on local media culture) and Colombia (on Afro-Colombian music). Furthermore, he had produced short films on art and popular culture for the Iwalewa House (Bayreuth) and the Goethe Institute (Nairobi). Together with Sandra Groß, he carried out a film project on the practice of translating films into Swahili in Dar es Salaam that resulted in the film “Veejays in Dar as Salaam – filamu kwa kiswahili”, in which Andrés Carvajal was responsible for the post-production.




Birgit Englert studied African Studies in Vienna and London and completed her doctoral studies with a dissertation on land rights in Tanzania. Since 2001 she has worked as a scientific staff member at the department of African Studies at the University of Vienna, since 2012 as Assistant Professor. Post-doctoral fellowships brought her at the University of Bordeaux III, France, as well as the University of Dalhousie, Halifax, Canada. Over the course of the years, her main research interests shifted towards popular culture, especially with regards to generation and political identities. She is particularly interested in processes of transnationalisation and diasporisation, and how they manifest themselves in popular culture production. Currently she directs the research project “Popular Culture in Translocal Spaces: Processes of Diasporisation among Comorians in Marseilles and Cape Verdeans in Lisbon” which is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).